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Indonesia is a country that is experiencing rapid technological development. The development of this technology is unavoidable and will continue to develop over time. Technological developments impact digitalization and various other aspects, including work and type of business. Quoted from Kompas.com, Minister of State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN), Erick Thohir said that along with the rapid advancement of technology, nine types of jobs have the potential to disappear by 2030. These types of jobs can be replaced with artificial intelligence or robots. What are the kinds of work? However, before discussing the types of jobs that will be replaced by technology, let's look at the explanation regarding digitization, Artificial intelligence (AI), and others in the article below!

Definition of Digitalization


Have you ever heard of the term digitization? Do you know what digitization means? Digitization is a process of changing from manual to using technology and digital. Digitalization is part of digital transformation and is closely related to technological developments. With digitalization, work will become more accessible and more efficient. Most digitization utilizes computers, systems, software, or Artificial intelligence (AI).

Definition of Artificial Intelligence (AI)


Reporting from Stanford Computer Science quoted via kompas.com, the notion of artificial intelligence (AI) is the science and engineering of making intelligent machines involving mechanisms for carrying out a task using a computer. Artificial Intelligence (AI) enables computer systems, software, programs, and robots to "think" intelligently like humans. The artificial intelligence system processes the stimulation humans provide into a decision based on an expert. Examples of artificial intelligence (AI) that humans have applied and used to make their work easier are smart home systems, voice assistants, and chatbots.

9 Jobs That Will Be Replaced by Technology


With Artificial Intelligence (AI) and technological developments, humans must be able to adjust. It is undeniable that increasingly sophisticated technological developments can be a threat to manual workers and those who cannot adapt. Then what jobs are threatened with extinction and being replaced by technology? Here's the explanation!

  1. Driver
    The automotive industry has experienced a lot of progress recently. Various car brands are developing Self Driving Cars. One of them is Elon Musk's brand car, Tesla. Other car brands have also developed their newest products with a self-driving system that allows cars to run automatically. Even though it's not perfect, it is estimated that this will threaten drivers' work in the next few years. This technology can replace bus, taxi, and truck drivers.
  2. Postman
    In an increasingly sophisticated era like now, very few people send letters manually via the post office. Now, people send letters via email or the internet. Meanwhile, it is more practical to use a chat platform that can send messages in real-time rather than sending them physically. No need for a big effort; sending letters will be more efficient in terms of time and cost. Therefore, it is estimated that the work of delivering letters will no longer be used in the next few years.
  3. Cashier
    Overseas, many have implemented a self-service system in minimarkets and shopping areas, including in paying for goods purchased (self-checkout). The cashier profession has now been replaced by robots. Humans may still be needed, but only as supervisors. However, only a few people can be elected as operator supervisors.
  4. Bank Teller
    People may never have to go to the bank again. This is because customers can make transactions through their smartphones. Activities such as transferring money or creating an account that is usually done at a bank can be done anywhere and anytime. As a result, the profession of a teller or bank employee will become extinct and be replaced by an increasingly sophisticated system.
  5. Translator
    The next job that is expected to be replaced by technology is a translator. Currently, there are many Artificial Intelligence (AI) that can translate even 100 languages at once, such as Google Translate and other translation software. With a translator, it will be more efficient in terms of costs because usually, one translator is limited in translating languages, but with technological sophistication, it can translate more than 100 languages at once.
  6. Factory workers
    It is predicted that there will be less need for factory workers if, one day, production and textile companies depend more on sophisticated, automated machines. Some of the advantages of replacing factory workers with machines are the number of goods produced.
  7. Telephone operator
    Still unfamiliar with chatbots? Currently, telephone operators can be replaced by robots. All customer questions and complaints can be answered by robots with Artificial Intelligence (AI). In addition, it is rare for people to pick up the phone. Most people prefer to send direct messages or emails to submit complaints and questions.
  8. Proofreaders
    In publishing companies, proofreaders are required to be assigned to correct or edit articles, manuscripts, and various other types of manuscripts. Currently, there is a lot of software that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) which can check the punctuation the grammar of an article. Not only that, it can also check for incorrect spelling.
  9. Data entry clerk
    Data entry is the process of inputting data in a job. Currently, data entry is mostly done automatically by software and artificial intelligence, which can make data entry work easier and more practical.

You already know what jobs have the potential to be replaced by machines and artificial intelligence (AI), but it is necessary to note these jobs may not disappear 100% and still need humans, however, only as a supervisor only. After reading the article above, what do you think? Do you agree that these professions will really disappear and be replaced by machines or robots? Don't forget to always follow and read other articles on faspay.co.id/id/blog and get lot of interesting and complete information!

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