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Create Professional Digital Invoices and Receive Payments via Link

Easier to receive customer payments by sending digital invoice with payment link via email or platform chat. Faspay Billing can be used by all business models, whether you have website or not.


Thousands of Businesses that Used Faspay Billing

Popular Case Faspay Billing



Book lodging, hotels and villas directly and receive payments with payment links only that support a variety of payment methods.



From paying tuition fees, tutoring, to private lessons, Faspay makes it easy to send online invoices and an automatic billing system to parents with a variety of channel options.



Payment of routine bills to monthly maintenance costs becomes more practical with Faspay online invoices that can be distributed via e-mail, SMS, or other chat platforms.


Flow Faspay Billing

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    Merchant login to Faspay Billing page

  • No2

    Merchants create invoices

  • No3

    Merchant sends invoice to customer

  • No4

    Customer receives invoice

Optimize your Business conversion rate
with complete payment options

With Faspay, you can provide 150+ payment channels that can reach a wider range of customers.

Advantages Faspay Billing

  • Complete Payment Channel

    Faspay supports your business with payments to 150+ banks, 29+ payment partners, and 50+ payment channels.

  • Recurring and Reminder Features

    Set up scheduled recurring invoices to your customers. You can also use payment reminder feature to inform about the delayed payment automatically.

  • Easy Customization

    You can custom your invoices with your brand guidelines, by adding your logo, selecting your preferable colors and modifying our universal templates.

  • Statistic Guide

    Provide customer purchases statistical analysis in comprehensive graph or infographic. You can also access real-time data and financial information to make business decisions.

  • Payment Link

    Receive customer payments instantly by using payment link. You can share via email, SMS, other chat platforms.

  • Mass Billing

    Optimize your business operational system efficiently by sending bills to your customers individually or in bulk.

Flexible Ways to Use Faspay Billing

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  • Connect with API

    Integrate Faspay Billing services on your website or application now. Enjoy various features such as direct integration with your website or application, customizable billing system, complete payment channels, and avoid manual billing checking.

  • Without Integration

    You don't need integration, once you're set up, you can create and manage invoices-and access updated reports-directly from Faspay Dashboard.

Reach Out to Discuss Alternative Pricing Options!

Offers for Growing Businesses

Are you a growing business looking for complete suite of payment solutions?

  • Everything you need to manage payments

  • Feature updates each year

  • Marketing support

Offers for Enterprises Businesses

Are you a business with 1000 transactions or more per month? Contact us to discuss a customized pricing package.

  • Volume discounts

  • Custom integration

  • Monthly financial insights report

  • Traffic booster program

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