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Faspay enables businesses around the world to collect payment from Indonesia with the most seamless online payment system. Our technology is designed for easy and secure payment.


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Why Choose Faspay?

Indonesia has become one of the fastest-growing economies in the world and there has been an increase in the digital payments market. Grow your business by accepting payment not only locally but globally including Indonesia.

Faspay helps businesses of all sizes to collect money from Indonesia’s customers and provides a complete local payment options.


Product List

Simplify your payment process with our advanced technology

Terima Pembayaran
  • Accept Payments

    Accept payments easily from various payment channel options.

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Tagihan Online
  • Payment Link & Digital Invoice

    Create online invoices and send via email and receive payments only with a link.

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Mengirim Dana
  • Transfer & Refund

    Make payment in bulk amounts instantly.

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  • Cash Out

    Enables customers to withdraw money from 16,000+ retail stores in Indonesia.

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  • QRIS (Quick Response Code Indonesian Standard)

    Enable merchants receive payments from various banks, e-wallet, and others channel with Indonesian standard QR code.

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Our Payment Channels

Offer various payment channels to your customer and be ready to increase your revenue.


Common Use Cases


Seamless payment process

Payment service companies can connect with various local payment options and enable their users a seamless payment process.


Recurring payment system

Faspay can help digital entertainment providers to enable an easy recurring payment system.


Accommodation’s online bookings

Our payment gateway service and online invoicing system can help your guest in booking lodgings, hotels, car rentals, and villas and pay in various payment methods.

Become One of Thousand Success Merchants Only in 4 Steps

  • 1

    Merchant signs and completes all necessary forms and documents

  • 2

    Faspay conducts KYC process

  • 3

    System integration process

  • 4

    Go Live!

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