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Functions of Google Business Profile

For all business owners who have digitized your business, are you familiar with Google My Business? Did you know that Google is not only a search engine but also has many other benefits, including managing your business? As a business owner, knowing about this Google feature is essential because Google My Business, as now called Google Business Profile, can help your business and attract new customers. To learn more about Google Business Profile, what exactly is Google Business Profile, and what are its benefits and functions for business, let's take a deeper look at Google Business Profile in the article below!

Definition of Google Business Profile


Have you ever searched Google for a business name, then the business name appeared along with details on opening hours, website, telephone, directions and even ratings and reviews from customers to the right tab of a Google search? So that's what Google Business Profile means. Google Business Profile is one of Google's tools or features to assist businesses in displaying detailed business information. You can also add your business profile details, such as cover image, product photo and logo.

Functions of Google Business Profile to Boost Your Business


Google Business Profile has many benefits for a business. With Google Business Profile, your business will be more accessible to customers. Google Business Profile has many advantages, such as being easy, free, and customizable. What are the other benefits of this Google tool? Let's look at some of the benefits for business!

  1. One branding strategy
    Google Business Profile can be used for branding. You can customize your business profile, such as detailed information, logo, customer reviews, images, etc.
  2. Businesses are easier to find
    With Google Business Profile, your business will be more accessible to customers. Various information will appear when they search for your business on the Google search engine. Customers can use Google Maps from that address to show the way to your store.
  3. Increase customers
    Another benefit is that Google Business Profile can increase customers. With this Google feature, your business will be more accessible for customers to see. You should try Google Business Profile as a promotional tool.
  4. Improve SEO
    Google Business Profile also helps in improving SEO. When people search for your business on Google, there is a chance that your business will appear on the first page of Google searches. Google Business Profile has an analytics feature that allows you to analyze business performance and set the right advertising strategy.
  5. Increase customer trust
    Having your business in Google search will add credibility to your business. Your business will look more professional. Customers can also see complete information about your trusted company.
  6. Optimize marketing strategy
    Optimize your marketing strategy by registering a business with google my business account. Increase the visibility of your business more easily found by customers. In addition, your business will be automatically listed on Google Maps, which people can see globally.
  7. Make it easy for customers to find your business location
    As discussed above, your business will be visible on Google Maps if you use Google Business Profile. Google Business Profile is perfect for helping customers find detailed information on the location of your business.
  8. One means of communication with customers
    One of its benefits is that Google Business Profile can communicate your business with customers. Your business can receive customer reviews, and you can reply to them. Sometimes many customers send questions via the review feature, such as asking for information on store book hours, store locations and others.
  9. Free service
    Google Business Profile includes free services you can take advantage of, which is very profitable for your business. With Google Business Profile, your business has free but complete tools and can get a variety of other benefits. Create your Google Business Profile account with no cost now!
  10. Increase traffic to websites
    Google Business Profile is also helpful to increase traffic to your website because, on Google Business Profile, you can enter your website, which will lure customers to visit your business website. 

So, after learning about the meaning and benefits of Google Business Profile. Are you interested in registering your business on Google Business Profile? So, if you've managed to get the benefits of Google Business Profile, it's time to maximize your payment system by using a payment gateway. Faspay payment gateway can help your business accept more orders because it has a complete payment channels from e-money, virtual accounts, internet banking, and credit cards to retail outlets. Besides being comprehensive and flexible, using Faspay allows your business to have a secure and reliable payment system because it already has a PCI DSS license and certification. What are you waiting for? Remember to register your business!

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