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Get Business Loan exclusive for Faspay’s merchants!

Are you our registered merchants? Now you can easily accelerate your business growth. Faspay works with trusted funding partners to distribute business loans according to your business needs. Enjoy fast and easy online submission and loan amount of up to IDR 2 Billion.

Advantages of Borrowing through Faspay Dana Usaha

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    Safe and Reliable Partners

We partner with various loan providers that are registered and under the supervision of the financial services authority of Indonesia (OJK).

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    Competitive Interest

The loan interest is determined by the result of your business risk analysis. The interest we offer starts from 1% and it is more competitive than other alternative loan providers.

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    Fast and Easy Funding Process

You can simply do online submission to apply for Faspay Dana Usaha. With transaction data and documents that have been recorded by Faspay, the risk analysis and fund disbursement can be done faster.

Use Business Loans for Various Business Needs

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With business loans, merchants can easily maintain an inventory of products. You can also balance the market’s needs and demands with the availability of goods.

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    Business Expansion

Business expansion needs a variety of things such as a new inventory office, marketing, recruiting new employees, and others which require a lot of capital. With the help of business loans, Faspay Dana Usaha can help you meet all your needs.

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    Cash flow

There are times when a business person facing uncertain situations regarding cash flow and there are costs must be immediately covered. So, it is time for you to accelerate cash flow using Faspay Dana Usaha. 

Faspay Dana Usaha Loan Provider Partner

Currently, Faspay Dana Usaha partnered with the following loan providers


OJK License Number: No. KEP-125/D.05/2019

Faspay Dana Usaha Workflow

Fill in the online submission form

Apply for a loan by filling out an online form. Faspay’s team will accommodate your loan needs and give recommendations.

Credit Risk Analysis

Loan providers will do credit risk analysis by using the transaction data provided by Faspay.

Loan Disbursement

Loans that have been approved will be immediately disbursed by the loan provider.


Merchant returns the loan on time with the payment method according to our terms.

Get Your Loan Now, Accelerate your Business!