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Faspay > Faspay Successfully Helps Anteraja Improve Logistics Efficiency and Payment Service Reliability

Faspay Successfully Helps Anteraja Improve Logistics Efficiency and Payment Service Reliability


Anteraja (PT Tri Adi Bersama (Anteraja), a leading logistics company that has been established since 2019 and is a subsidiary of PT Adi Sarana Armada Tbk (ASSA), continues to expand its scope of services to meet the increasingly complex needs of customers. Currently, Anteraja provides various types of services for its users, including Regular, Next Day, Same Day, Cargo, Frozen, and CSD services. 


Since using Faspay, Anteraja has experienced significant changes in business operations and payment services. Previously, a major challenge was the COD (Cash on Delivery) system, which often caused difficulties in controlling the flow of money. In addition, complicated manual reports were both time and energy consuming, disrupting the finance team's operations and obstructing quick financial decisions.


After the integration using Faspay Business, the service has brought an effective solution for Anteraja. Through Alfamart's payment channel, Anteraja has successfully optimized the cash-to-bank process by facilitating more efficient and accurate deposits from couriers. This not only reduces the risks associated with cash handling, but also improves overall financial transparency and accountability. In addition, Anteraja's efforts to expand the use of their app through the use of OVO payment method has expanded Anteraja's reach in the public. This has not only improved customer convenience in online transactions but also increased the number of transactions made through their platform.


"After using Faspay, we managed to transform our financial operations more efficiently," said Adhi Wisesa, Anteraja's Head of Logistic Product and Ecosystem. "The increased usage of the app and OVO payment method has expanded our reach, driving significant transaction growth.


With Faspay as a strategic partner, Anteraja is confident that they can continuously improve the quality of their delivery services. The close collaboration between Anteraja and Faspay will ensure smooth operations and provide a better and more reliable customer experience in the future. In fact, Faspay's services have successfully helped Anteraja to improve logistics efficiency and ease of payment system. Watch the full Anteraja story here!

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