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In this digitalization era, brands must be more creative to promote their product, one of which is by collaborating with Key Opinion Leaders. In the world of marketing, Key Opinion Leaders or commonly known as KOL must be familiar. But, do you know what exactly Key Opinion Leader is? and what is its role for business? Let's find out more!

What is Key Opinion Leader?

Key Opinion Leader, or known as KOL is a trusted person/ community with credibility and the capacity to influence their audience. KOL can influence the audience because they are experts in certain fields, for example: celebrities, businessmen, public figures, and many more.

Why is Key Opinion Leader important for business?

As someone who can influence his audience, KOL is believed to be able to create word-of-mouth effects. In addition, there are several important roles of KOL for your business, namely:

  1. Increase Brand Awareness
    KOL plays a role in increasing awareness of your brand. Your brand will be more easily recognized and remembered by the wider community because KOL has a large and diverse audience.
  2. Reach a Wider Market
    By choosing the right KOL that suits your business, you can get a wider market reach. If your KOL has high followers and engagement rates, that's a plus point.
  3. Increase Customer Trust
    As someone who has high credibility, KOL will be trusted with their opinions and recommendations on a product/service they promote because people make buying decisions based on recommendations from others.

Tips for choosing Key Opinion Leader

Before choosing KOL to work with, brands need to make sure to choose the right KOL for your brand so that marketing goals are achieved, including:

  1. Customize with Your Brand Relevance
    It is very important to find a KOL that fits your brand by doing a background check. Make sure the KOL has the appropriate skills and knowledge for your brand to easily introduce and convey your brand message.
  2. Do Background Check
    You have to make sure that KOL has a good reputation because it can affect your brand image.
  3. Check Followers and Engagement Rate
    Next, you also have to check how many followers and engagement rates the KOL has. This is useful for estimating the extent of the message conveyed by KOL.

Key Opinion Leaders have an important role in your brand. Don't forget to choose the right KOL with the 3 tips above to make your brand goals achieved. When you already have a lot of new customers, don't forget to use the payment system that enables you and your customers to pay with various payment options, one of which is Faspay!

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