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With the decrease in the number of Covid-19 cases that occurred, it gives new hope for business people, especially in the tourism sector. Along with the increase in people's interest in traveling, both for business and vacation purposes, Indonesia's tourism industry is on the rise again. At the same time, businesses continue to strive to innovate to take advantage of existing business opportunities, as well as create new services to optimize transaction growth and reach more consumers, both domestically and internationally. As a payment gateway partner, Faspay not only plays a role in facilitating online payment systems but is also committed together with businesses to provide a memorable experience for customers.


Faspay continues to fulfill the needs of online payment system services for business people, one of which is through the development of features from the Faspay Billing service. In line with the increasing need for businesses to send bills/online invoices to their customers, Faspay launched Faspay Billing 2.0 as the newest version that adds a few new features that cater to businesses' needs to receive customer bill payments. 


In September, Faspay launched Faspay Billing 2.0 as the newest version that allows businesses to send online invoicing and receive online payments from customers securely and conveniently. Some of the newest features of the Faspay Billing 2.0 service include the feature of generating and sending tax e-invoices, proforma invoice feature, QR Business Profile feature, and manual payment checking feature to synchronize data between payments that occur manually by cashiers to automatic recording by the Faspay Billing system. 


The latest features above are suitable for various industries such as the hospitality industry, education, internet service providers, transportation, ticketing & travel, logistics, health, and many more.

What are the Latest Features of Faspay Billing 2.0? 

  1. QR Business Profile feature 

Control product stock, price per item, product or service information, and receive payments from one QR Code. This feature helps business people organize and provide the QR Code from the Faspay Billing dashboard at no additional cost. QR Business Profile is also suitable for businesses such as hotels or restaurants that provide services such as room service or room or table reservations. In addition, business people can also provide various important information that they want to display in the context of a business profile, such as business social media links. 

  1. E-Invoicing Creation and Submission Feature

Businesses can manage the e-invoice module and send attachments to customers via email without having to open another website. 

  1. Proforma Invoice Feature 

This feature can send documents containing estimated transaction costs between businesses and consumers. This feature aims to allow consumers to correct the value of goods or services purchased if what is recorded does not match the order. 

  1. Manual Payment Checking Feature

This feature serves to provide convenience for recording payments received by businesses offline, thus making it easier for the business finance team to check and recapitulate payments made by customers. 


How is Faspay Billing 2.0 Transaction Flow?

  1. Customer makes an order to the merchant
  2. Merchant creates an invoice through the Faspay Merchant Page
  3. Merchants send invoices to customers via email/SMS/chat platform
  4. Customers make online payments
  5. Notification of successful payment for merchant and customer


Follow the 4 practical steps below to use Faspay Billing 2.0: 

  1. Register at Faspay.co.id/register or contact our Sales/Partnership at sales@faspay.co.id / partnership@faspay.co.id 
  2. Fill out the form to become a Faspay merchant 
  3. KYC process from Faspay team
  4. You are ready to use Faspay Billing 2.0!


The newest feature of Faspay Billing 2.0 can be used for various business needs. To find out more about Faspay Billing 2.0, you can visit the Faspay website or register your business online.

Provide convenience to your business operations and accept thousands of customer transactions more easily and practically with Faspay!

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