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IP Policy

Faspay strongly supports intellectual property and copyright law, which are essential to both rewarding creators and supporting the free flow of information as globally. In this policy, Faspay will announce that the property of this site is prohibited used for personal gain without autorization from Faspay.

Intellectual property (IP) laws are essential for ensuring that innovators are rewarded for their work and that incentives exist for people and companies to develop new ideas, technologies, and products. Intellectual property rights are not absolute. Maintaining the right balance of protection is particularly important to the Internet economy, including rights and limitations for copyright, trademark and patent.

Faspay’s Intellectual Property for this site

The entire content on this site , are not just limited to text , graphics or code is copyrighted and owned by Media Indonusa (Hereby called "Company") either its partially or whole, done by the Company and its workers in accordance with the legislation force in Indonesia.

Company as the holder of the copyright to the content in this site is given permission to electronically or non-electronic copy and print form only and ordered by Company to purchase or use Company services for you.

The company also gives you permission to be able to display the most specific information, download or print the material of different materials derived from this site just for your own personal use, non - commercial, or by order from the Company.

The user's beyond these things, including but not limited to the distribution display, reproduction of content from this site action is strictly prohibited, unless authorized by the Company. You also agree not to modify or remove proprietary notices from the materials downloaded from the Company's website.

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