Made-easy Reporting

Made-easy Reporting

We understand that reporting are quite important for your business. With our reporting system, you will not missed out on anything. There are 2 types of report that merchants will have access to :

1. Daily auto-mail Report

You will get this report around midnight everyday. This report will list down all the successful transactions made a day before, consist all the important information that will cater your finance needs, from the transactions id, user's name, date, amount, etc.

2. Faspay Web Admin

Tired of waiting to know the status of your transaction? Worry less now with our integrated faspay web admin. With this dashboard you will be able to track down all your status of transactions per payment channel. You will know whether it is still pending or success.

These two report will surely make your finance activities much much easier. Let us provide you with the report while you make the most out of your business.

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