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When will I receive the money in my account?

Credit Card
Acquiring Bank(s) transfers the money into the merchant bank account 2 working days after the transaction is completed.

Debit Services
It takes only 1 working day for faspay / bank(s) to transfer the money to merchant bank. As for BRI, the settlement is real time.

All transfers to the merchant bank account can be viewed on the dashboard web-report.

Is there any minimum volume transaction?

We apply a grace period to support your introduction of new payment methods to your customers before a reasonable minimum volume is applied.

We will work together with you to figure out the best period and minimum volume for your online business.

What happen if there is different transactions data between merchant and Faspay ?

We will compare and adhere to the transaction log held by the bank.

Do you separate authorization and settlement? So that merchant have time to confirm the transactions?

Yes we can separate authorization and settlement period for the credit card transaction. Merchant can void transaction any time before settlement if for example, the product is out of stock.

Can i use Faspay to accept international payment?

Yes, Faspay can accept international credit cards with Visa or Mastercard logo.