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When will I receive the money in my account?

Merchant will receive funds from real-time (D+0) up to D+3 depending on the payment method used by your customer. You will receive the settlement report on D+1 through email. Here are the types of payment channels with the settlement time:

Virtual Account Settlement
Permata Bank Real-time (Direct), D+1 (Aggregator)
Danamon D+1
Mandiri D+1
Maybank D+1
BCA Real-time
BRI Real-time
E-money Settlement
LinkAja D+1
CIMB Rekening Ponsel D+1
Xl Tunai D+1
Sakuku Real-time
Internet Banking Settlement
Maybank2u D+1
CIMB Clicks D+1
E-Pay BRI Real-time
Bca Klikpay D+1
E-Pay BRI Real-time
Mandiri Clickpay D+1
Bca Klikkpay Real-time
Klik BCA D+1
Permata Net D+1
Danamon Online Banking D+1
Credit Card Settlement
CIMB Niaga D+3 Aggregator/ D+1 Direct
BRI D+3 Aggregator/ D+1 Direct
Mandiri D+3 Aggregator/ D+1 Direct
Danamon D+1
Mobile Banking Settlement
Mocash BRI D+0
CIMB Go Mobile D+0
Retail Payment Settlement
Indomaret D+3
Alfamart D+3
Online Credit Settlement
Kredivo Every Tuesday and Friday
Akulaku D+2

Is there any minimum volume transaction?

We apply a grace period to support your introduction of new payment methods to your customers before a reasonable minimum volume is applied.

We will work together with you to figure out the best period and minimum volume for your online business.

Do you separate authorization and settlement? So that merchant has time to confirm the transactions?

Yes, we can separate authorization and settlement period for the credit card transaction. Merchant can void transaction any time before the settlement for example, the product is out of stock.

Can I use Faspay to accept international payment?

Yes, Faspay can accept international credit cards with Visa, MasterCard, JCB & AMEX logo.