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How does Faspay pricing compare to other providers?

It is difficult to make a direct comparison, as different payment gateway systems do not all offer the same services. But other providers may charge an additional set up fee, monthly fees, fraud detection services and other additional charges you may not need for your online business. Faspay promises that there are no hidden charges.

Do you offer other types of payments?

Besides credit card, we also provide online debit (Mandiri ClickPay, CIMB Clicks, BCA KlikPay, BRI epay) and mobile payment (BRI Mocash, Tcash, XL Tunai, Dompetku, Mynt). We are in the midst of establishing partnership with other payment options. We will let you know once it has been finalized. Please stay tuned!

Do you offer monthly recurring payments?

Yes, we currently offer monthly recurring payments. However, it is available for certain business sectors.

Do you offer mobile version?

Our payment page is already mobile enabled, so customers can do transaction using their smartphones or tablets.

Do you offer installment?

Yes, currently we can provide credit card installment with our acquiring bank partner, BRI and BCA. We are working to provide other installment, and this should be ready sometime soon.

What will appear in our customer’s credit card statement?

Your merchant name will appear in the statement.