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What is Faspay Billing?

Faspay Billing is one of Faspay services that allow you to create email invoicing that will let you collect payment with various channels. Faspay Billing dashboard allows you to track down the payment billing status, either paid or pending.

Our centralized dashboard will help you track down payment billing status, either paid or pending as well as checking the real time transaction report.

What payment methods are available in the Faspay Billing service?

Similar to the payment method at Faspay Business, you can choose a variety of payment methods with credit or debit channels, ranging from internet banking, mobile banking, virtual accounts, e-money, online credit, credit cards, to retail payment.

What are the features of Faspay Billing?

Here are the various features of Faspay Billing service:

  • No integration needed
  • Multi-payment channel
  • Credit Card Installments
  • Masking and Email Notification
  • Multi-user management
  • Recurring and scheduled billing
  • File attachment
  • Reminder
  • Dashboard customization and easy billing
  • Payment Status Information
  • The fraud detection system, pay per transaction, fastest settlement
  • Joint promotion program

When will the merchant receive funds from Faspay?

Merchants will receive funds from real-time (D+0) up to D+3 depending on the payment method used by your customer.

What types of bills can be billed through the Faspay Billing service?

You can use the Faspay Billing service to send all types of bills. Faspay Billing service is suitable for those of you who have an offline based business and want to receive payments online.

What types of industries have you used Faspay Billing service?

Almost all types of industries have used Faspay Billing service. Top business sectors that have used Faspay Billing service are residence, education, hospitality, and many other sectors.

How do you check the transactions that occurred?

You can manage and monitor all bills and payment status through the Faspay dashboard. Merchants will also get a daily report and a settlement report that will be sent by the day after the settlement has been processed.

How do you connect your business with Faspay Billing service?

You only need to follow a few steps to connect with Faspay Billing service. In the first step, you need to register at Complete all data needed and send that data. Without an integrated process, you will be given access to the Faspay Billing dashboard and can directly use the Faspay Billing features and service.

Can Faspay Bills be used for individual business entities?

Yes, Faspay bills can be used for individual business entities. Please contact for more information.